Turner Tenney
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Turner Tenney, also known as Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Tfue, is an athlete and esports athlete. He and his brother Jack (Joogsquad) have combined almost 6 million followers on social media. Over 550 millions views combined on Youtube. Tfue has been gaming on twitch for three years and on YouTube since he was a child.

In April of 2017, Turner appeared on the nationally televised H1z1 "Fight for The Crown" tournament on The CW. Turner competed alongside his video game team at the time, Rogue - The Las Vegas-based esports organization, co-owned by DJ and EDM entrepreneur Steve Aoki.

Tfue is currently with FaZe the most successful team in esports. He competes competitively in Friday Fortnite tournaments and has beaten many pro duos including Ninja and won the top prize with his partner. Many have called him the best in the world at Fortnite. You can watch Tfue's streams here and see other exclusive videos. Visit the menu to take a look at Turner's current gaming equipment.